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    E-Maxx build finally bit the bullet!!!!

    After digging my original E-Maxx out of the basement after many years I am excited to do some much needed upgrades. When I drove this about ten years ago this is what I was running:
    -E-Maxx with the old body
    -upgraded gearbox with steel gears
    -upgraded shocks
    -upgraded aluminum shock towers
    -upgraded aluminum a-arms
    -upgraded steel drive shafts & cv joints
    -Hacker B50-12S 3300 k/v motor
    -Schultz speed control
    -Original traxxas radio

    Here's what I'm upgrading to:
    -Futaba 3PL 2.4 gHz radio
    -Monster Mamba 2 2200 Kv combo
    -Duratrax 5000 mAH 3S 25C bats in series
    -A duratrax 245 dual lipo battery charger

    Hoping this things really runs good now!!! I originally wanted to keep my Hacker B50-12S because it's really a nice motor. I was affraid it wasn't enough motor & would heat up. Upgrade doesn't seam like much but certainly wasn't cheap! But beats spending 800.00 on the new brushless E-Maxx! Any thoughts on how this will perform & what pinion to use?

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    Nice project, don't forget to upgrade the diffs, and shim them too. Also some pics..before, and after.
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    Do you know where I can get the Diff Upgrades/Shim information at. Also, I figured out a way a person can adjust the slip of the diffs to his choosing. Now, I am working on a part that will mechanically lock a diff, so there is no slip at all. With that, I would like to see what other upgrades are available.

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