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    acceptable motor kv

    my mini summit has a 1/10 scale motor mount. right now, it has one of those motors that's actually a smaller motor with fins. it's 3900kv. I want to upgrade to a full size 540 motor with 4 poles, yet i don't know what kv to get. i want high speed, but still enough torque for off-road. should i just get the highest kv i can because it's a 4pole 540 motor in a 1/16 car, or should i go a little more conservative? some options are castle creations 1406 motors (4600,5700,6900kv) and 1410 motor (unfortunately only offered in 3800kv, torquier than the 1406's.), the toro 4 pole motors (2800, 3200, 4300kv). i already have a 120a esc, and i don't want a sensored motor. i run 2s lipo.
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    The 4600 and the 5700 are the most popular... since you want to stick to 2S I suggest the 5700.

    50togo was experimenting with higher kv motors... PMing him may warrant in better high kv advice.
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