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Thread: Ez Peak Plus ?

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    Ez Peak Plus ?

    I have 2 Traxxas ez peak chargers and love em. I run 3S lipos and every now and then I have a problem with both chargers. When I balance store it will get to 3.8 or 3.79 per cell and run for ever like its trying to balance before finish. But it will stay there for a long time. Most of the time if I switch the battery to the other charger and start the balance store over within 2 minutes it beeps done. sometimes no problem at all and sometimes it runs way too long like you know it should have finished but doesn't. I even bought plastic safe contact cleaner for the balance plug figuring maybe it was dirt messing with the balance board contacts. I bash dirt only NO MUD OR WATER. Any ideas? Oh and I NEVER have a problem balance charging with either one just storing.

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    I have come across this, when the voltage gets close the charger REALLY dips amps, start over on the same charger see what happens. That usualy does it for me.

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    Ya, my lipos do the same. At that point, I just call it good.
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