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    Forgot to put in storage setting

    So one the weekend my son wanted to run his 2wd Slash plus my 4x4 stampede, so I charged up afew batteries for him. Well I missed one of the lipo's and forgot to put it in storage (3.85v) I noticed it today sitting in the garage, so I put it on the charge and noticed 1 cell read 3.53v and the other reads 3.45v. Is this something I should keep any eye one? He normally only runs them down to around 3.80v anyways, the batteries are only about 1 month old (spc 2s 30c 5000mah and a 2s 50c 8200mah)


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    They should be perfectly fine. Anything above 3v will not hurt them in your situation. It is normal for the cells to wander at lower voltages... hence the reason for storage voltage recommendations.
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    SPC Racing lists care instructions on their website. Please refer to those for correct treatment of their batteries.
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