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    Unhappy Jato top plate problem

    I bought JATO 3.3 two months ago, and top plate has broken.
    I heard that top plate is JATO's weak point, so I searched google and found this web site.
    (to buy metal top plate bracket...)

    But there's no one, so I found this site.

    I sent them money with paypal two weeks ago. And sent email to them, but no answer.
    Neweramodels store? They are all sold out.

    I don't know what should I do.

    - From south korea.
    - Sorry I'm not good at English.

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    First go through the process of not getting your item with Paypal, They will refund your money.. And yes the top plate is weak and if ya hit something hard it can mess everything up.. try using a more reputable company or a safe trading place like ebay.. good luck

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