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Thread: Most worn part

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    Most worn part

    hey guys i was just wondering what part do you go through or replace the most? for me its the hollow balls at either end of the shocks.

    i was thinking about doing aluminum shock shaft ends and aluminum shock caps or even the mount where the shocks mount to the chassis. whatcha think?

    so what part do you guys wear out the most?

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    Well pretty much on any rc for me, the body is the first thing to get smashed up and worn out.
    Honestly if I bought a new body every time one got worn out I would go through them faster than glow plugs...
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    I'd say glow plugs, and skid plates for me. Sometimes an arm breaks, or something else suspension related. I get a great lifespan out of my proline bodies, they are much thicker than OEM.

    As for the shock pillow balls wearing out, yes aluminum caps and shock ends will prevent any of that similar wear. They still can get loose over time, but it well over 3X as long. I went aluminum and have never had any slop issues since.
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    One way bearings and glow plugs.
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    Back skid plate. It holds the arm pins and sticks out stupid

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