Back in March I bought a pair of 4000MAH 3S Traxxas batteries from the motorcycle shop where I bought my ERBE. They were amazing, and the car would probably fly if it had wings. I imagine over the next few months I got maybe 20 runs out of them, I have the Low Voltage Cutoff in place on my MMM, but I think I ran the batteries down (to around the cutoff, 3v) after the last run (late May?) and didn't charge them afterward. I'd say no more than 2 weeks later, the batteries won't charge at all! Are they hosed, or can I salvage them somehow? Is there any kind of warranty? Please advise!

I also have a pair of 5000MAH 2S Traxxas LiPos that work great. For both pairs of batteries I have the Traxxas (Power?) Peak Plus dual LiPo adapter, and the 2x3S adapter used to work great, but before the batteries failed the adapter started only detecting 5S (even though charging individually without the adapter worked fine). I'd say I got maybe 3 uses out of this.

The dual 2S adapter still works properly.