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    John Force is on fire (not literally)

    Three race weekends in a row, John Force earned a spot in the final round of the NHRA Funny Car class. He won the first final, finished second to Courtney Force last weekend in New Hampshire, and was runner-up in Chicago this past weekend. John is on an impressive run at the perfect time in the season heading into the Countdown to the Championship.

    Great job to the entire team at John Force Racing! Go get them John, Courtney, and Robert!
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    It's fun to see the Traxxas name and watch the Forces race. On Father's Day, it was awesome to see John and Courtney race each other and John barely beat Courtney. Was cool to watch the Traxxas commercial in between the racing yesterday.
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    thisn national hotrod racing association right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaydog View Post
    thisn national hotrod racing association right?
    YES! It is...
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