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    Are these things completely waterproof?

    When the car is completely off, no battery inside, is the car completely waterproof?

    In the sense that I can run the car underneath the house sprayer out back and wash off al the dirt when I'm done?
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    Sometimes i use the garden hose to spray mine down, then i use high pressure air to blow off the water.
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    Ya just make sure you blow it off afterwards or you will get rusty screws.
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    Yes to spray down with a hose is totally fine. My rally and my slash got completely submerged in the ocean a few weeks ago. Both are just fine.
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    I think Traxxas should change the wording regarding these cars to "Splashproof".
    I myself have used the water hose to clean them off...and have even drove through the ditch when it had water standing in it...however,"waterproof" typically means that submersion for an extended time is completely fine.
    I would have to agree with the's not a submarine...but washing it off with the hose would be just fine.

    To be honest...I've actually taken one of mine in the shower to clean it off
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