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    Putting old TRX 3.3 back in for tomorrow and have concerns

    Planning on taking the truck to the picnic at the in laws, I through in my brand new TRX 3.3 the other day but have not had a chance to break it in yet. So I'm in the middle of putting the old one back in just for tomorrow etc...

    I have also added some things that I have not road tested yet, heavy duty clutch amd a Racers Edge 17t bell. When I put everything on the engine I noticed that the bell gear will freely spin. As I'm holding the engine in my hand I can spin the bell gear and it puts no compression on the magnetic flywheel, is this normal or is something wrong. I'm concerned about the new clutch maybe this could be an issue???

    Also when taking the magnetic flywheel off the other engine I thought I heard something fall to the ground like a magnet or a weight or something, looking at the back I see one magnet and a big whole across from it, was there something in this spot before, or am I rushing to much and just going nuts,,,,

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    Can you take a pic of the concerned part.

    It's completely normal for the clutch bell to spin freely. The engine has to running for the clutch shoes to engage the CB

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