Hi guys just posting some pictures of my e revo project. Started out as a brushed edition i basically wanted e maxx style monster with e revos better handling and durability (i know the maxx can be strong with good bulkhead support but the revo just needs less attention) its still quite low slung as i like the way it looks but may raise it up a little yet. E maxx bl edition body looks great with the rpm bumpers. Running on 4s total still using 14mm hex wheels until they die then i have 17mm ones waiting

Hobbywing xerun 150esc and motor combo
Hot racing alloy rear shock brace
Hot racing alloy rear skid plate
Integy front skid
Rpm bumpers front and back
Rpc stainless steel screws
Tonys screws alloy steel screws
Shock sock covers
Breathable inner shroud
And spring adjustment

Thats it so far this was inspired by a revo i say on here a while ago