Picked up my Slash 5 days ago. Break-in didn't go well. Being my first nitro, I read the manual, watched the movie. Did everything I was suppose to. Fired up first turn and zoom it took of full throttle. Didn't think it was right so I pinched the fuel line and it sped up more and died after about 5-6secs. So I got on YouTube did some research and found my throttle input was set half open. Set it to 1mm and broke it in, tuned it and it ran great durning the break-in. Now it won't idle longer then 20 secs. Pinch test is about 3 sec, she accelerates great and has no problems at full throttle I have been messing with the idle screw and HSN but still seems off to me.
I have a race tomorrow and would like to get it up to par before my first bash!