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    1/8 diff gearing

    i have the old nonsealed flm diffs and want to upgrde to a sealed diff and was thinking flm ultimate diffs how much will this change my gearing i have a oomp 2nd gear locker and a 40/17 gearing on the clutch bell and like the gearing l run a losi 4 shoe clutch and use revo m1.0 spur so the most i could go is 36/18 will that be enoufgh to offset the 1/8 diffs
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    Stock gear ratio is 2.85, ofna 6&8 spyder,Losi LST2,UE diff ratio 3.31.

    The higher the number the lower the ratio, so you will have to make it up by changing the spur/CB ratio.

    40/17 with stock 2.85 gears, when you change to a 3.31 gear these spur C/B will be the same,

    You can play with the roll out calculator here, just put in the correct info.
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