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Thread: Diff locker

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    Diff locker

    I was curious about a rear diff locker. Can I use my stock ring and pinion with it and do I still need oil for it? I'm still really new to rc and can use all the help I can get and what is a good oil weight to run in very loose ground and is good for climbing without ballooning my tires too bad

    Slayer pro 3.3
    with sets of trencher x and slingshot tires
    Sway bar kit
    Orange springs front and rear otherwise a stock truck
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    If you want to lock your diff completely then an easy solution is to fill it with super glue or a compound that will set hard, therefore completely locking the diff centre.
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    Yes you can use your stock ring and pinion with the rear spool, and you won't need oil just grease for the gears.

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    Or you could use a really thick diff fluid like 300K or thicker. It'll still give a little but will be very close to locked.

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    Locking the diff will dramatically reduce your turning radius. Using 300k as CarGuy recommended will give it positive traction performance while still allowing some turning, but the heavier the oil is the less you can turn. It's usually just trial and error to find the right combination of go and turn.

    For the tire ballooning problem, get some Gorilla Tape and put a layer or two around the inside of your tires. I know it's a lot of trouble to get the tires off and back on, but it's worth it.

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    Fill the diff cup with silly putty or plumbers putty and it will give you an idea of what a locked diff is like. It’s also removable if you find you do not like it.
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