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    After Run Procedure

    I've heard of a lot of people that don't do the after run maintenance, or who just don't do it a lot and I was wondering what you guys think of it. How often do you do it and do you do every step. I currently do the maintenance, but I don't clean the air filter as often as it says, and I don't spray WD-40 in the motor and turn it over three times, only one.

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    well the WD-40 acts as a degreaser and gets the crap out of the air filter and all the crevices. I use wd-40 and hpi racing after run oil and put the bottom at the bottom of the chamber.
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    It does not take long to the all the step properly so I would say take the time to-do it all and do it right, protect the investment for the long run.

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