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    1/8 MAMBA MONSTER 2 EXTREME ESC, W/2650KV MOTOR - Any Advise??

    So I got my hands on a Roller for under $200 and only need a ESC and Motor. Been looking around and I don't want to pay the ridiculous price for the stock setup.....

    I'm looking at the MMXl2 and 2650Kv motor, will this compete with my stock X0-1 in terms or reliability and speed???

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    You don't need an xl2 for a 2650kv motor. The standard mamba monster esc will be perfect. It's good for 6s and even the castle 2650kv is only recommended for 4s or less. There are a few guys running the castle mamba monster 2650kv with 6s (you call, watch your gearing/temps). even at 6s the standard mamba monster esc is more than sufficient. The xl2 will require an adapter mount which will cost you. The xo-1 chassis is already made for the mamba monster esc as the xo-1 esc is physically a standard mamba monster esc with extra capacitors added. Get an stock xo-1 esc or get an esc from a brushless revo...better yet get the 2650kv system from an hpi brushless vehicle from ebay. Its ready to go the plugs will be deans so switch of you need traxxas plugs. Good luck

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    I run a standard mamba monster esc on my 2wd xo-1 and it's plenty for it. Not sure how the 2650 will hold up on 6s.

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    Gear it conservatively and it should be a little screamer. A cap bank would be good for it too eventually. As said in a most Excellent post above.
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