Well fellas about 2 years ago when I re-entered the hobby I set out to turn my Rustler into an ALL ALUMINUM BEAST! and so far I've reached about 85% of that goal until I started buying other traxxas vehicles and lost interest in my Rustler
Here's a pic of her in her Sunday Best! its also in the Gallery

well after a month of plotting this comeback here we are and now i'm back with an Integy Aluminum chassis to experiment with. After seeing this chassis I quickly re-gained interest in my Rustler.

the only thing I don't like about this chassis is the fact that it has the "carbon fiber" upper deck.

so it's time to pull out ye ole' Rusty! looks pretty bad after the last time I drove it and ate asphalt big time.

time to do some replacement, clean-up and rebuild

bent the body posts so I had to order a new set...

Make no mistake fellas, there are consequences of running all aluminum,
Warped Castor Blocks


More updates on the Installation/Re-build process throughout today and this weekend.