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Thread: bb help

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    bb help

    I been thinking of getting a bb for my revo. I know there's quite a few options. I want a pure drop in. I know I have to buy a mount. But I want one I can get the motor and the mount. Plus a few other things. Servo mount. Etc. But can u guys tell me which one with which parts please
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    What BB do you plan on running? I had the OFNA .26max and disliked it strongly... I ran the OFNA mount with it. I prefer the higher revving, smaller engines such as the O.S. .18tm, .18tz, .21tm, and the good ol 3.3.
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    Wow kyleader. I love my picco .26 max...was just a pain getting the carb linkage right. Performance is flawless, huge improvement over 3.3. With the picco max bb (midblock) all you would need is ofna mount and it will drop in. I use the trx bb kit with mines.

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