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    Newbie. I dinged my prop bad. Need to replace, difficult?

    Being the novice at this traxxas Blast, I dinged both ends of the prop. Took out good chunks, really effected speed and overall performance. I need to replace it but have no idea how. Is this difficult? I'm mechanically inclined but want some input. I can't see how to take prop off so I think shaft needs to be replaced too. I have no idea. Further, is it recommended to switch to an aluminum prop? If so, what size and make. I really want to keep my blast stock, problem free. Thanks.

    Ps. How do I attach photos or vids from my iPhone?

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    i dont own a Blast so my input will be short:
    1) stock does not equal 'problem free'... some would argue that the less stock, the more problem free.
    2) to upload pics from your phone, you'll need to upload them to a photo hosting website (like photobucket) and post the IMG Tag / link from there.
    3) I'd suggest looking through some search results (if you havent already) :

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    Swapping the stock prop out for another one is easy. All you have to do is remove the grub screw on the prop and unscrew the prop from the prop shaft (the prop and prop shaft are threaded). You shouldn't have to replace the prop shaft to replace the prop.

    As for upgrading, a lot of folks have run Octura props over the years. I cannot remember the exact model number, but a quick search in the Blast forum for Octura prop should pull it up. If you go this route, you'll also need a 3/16" prop shaft.

    A better prop will provide slightly better performance; however, if you want completely trouble free, stick with the prop. They are cheap to replace and provide adequate performance.
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