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    Revo 3.3 reverse servo saying god night?

    Got a few questions,
    my spring around the shoes in the clutchbell went bye bye so i bought Clutch Integy 3-Piec T3215BLUE
    and was a happy camper again, but now the machine tugs a bit on idle, you can se the gears connecting a bit, it doesnt affect the idle and if i lift it the wheels start moving.

    The 3 springs are in one piece and idle set as low as i can "any lower and the engine dies"

    what can it be? and why is my reverse not shifting as it should? even if i come to a complete stop and hold brake and switch in the most cases it wont work.

    Took the servo horn of to se if it shifted all the way, and seems like so, but then the servo got screwed, sound like a meat grinder even on its own.

    i also heard you can bypass the optidrive so you dont have that failsafe for idle and it will switch in to reverse as you command, but how do you do it?
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