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    Worn Out Diff Outputs???

    Hey guys, I'm tearing my Summit down to a bare chassis so I can finally dye it black. While I had everything apart I thought I'd clean the diffs and what not. But, I found one of my Avid bearings had seized up on the outer diff lock side of the diff. The bearing is fine now, I have no idea why it stuck. But because the bearing seized, it acted like a bushing with the diff output rubbing inside the bearing. If I put the bearing back on the output shaft, it still acts like a bushing, because the output shaft got worn. The bearing is smooth, but it just won't spin... Any ideas on how to fix with out buying a new shaft for $10? I thought about lightly painting them to make the shaft "bigger" but I don't know if that will work. Thanks!


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    I dont own a Summit yet, but, I would replace both the shaft and the bearing. If painting it would work, it would be hard to tell for how long, as it would be a temporary fix at best. I would replace the bearing as to not knowing the cause of it seizing up, and having to worry if it is going to do it again, and having the same problem.

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    Spend $10!!!!

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    Spend some money and get new bearings. You can pick up some ceramics sets for under $20 on eBay.

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    Try wrapping it in aluminum foil.
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