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    Hey guys,

    Got back into working on my Merv today after it has been sitting for a few months. There is a horrible grinding noise coming from what appears to be the centre gears/transmission. I thought it might be the diffs. I shimmed them but I don't think it has solved the problem. I think I'm just going to flog it till something dies or breaks.

    Anyway, my other concern is that after I had the Merv back together I plugged in a battery and when to go for a text drive. The esc lit up. Cooling fan turned on. Servo works. Motor doesn't. All wires are plugged in and appear in tact. What is going on?

    This car has given it to me today! I just want to drive it!

    Just threw my spare motor in and there was still no response... Obviously an esc issue. Tried all the plugs in the rx and they are fine.

    Has anyone had any experience with this esc? URL REMOVED

    Apparently it is bloody good and fits well in the Merv.

    So a certain on line hobby shop in China is taboo around here is it?

    Notice that the URL you used was blocked by the language filter; that is because that particular company/product has been banned from discussion on this forum on account of illegal business practices (i.e. copyright infringement). If you see a starred out word in your post, you must edit it out.
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