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    Nitro Sport Tires selection

    Hi everyone.. New here on the forum but have been involved in RC cars for awhile, although mostly electric. So, both myself and my Son took the dive into Nitro. He has completely hopped up his Sport, except the engine (but it has a 4485 exhaust kit on it) And I am just getting my Rustler up and running..

    Anyways, he is to the point of balding the stock tires and I have looked many places and I am left wondering what a good all-terrain tire would be for his car? He has a 18,20,22 CB, so down gearing stock is not an issue either.

    Input appreciated..


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    Hi there, I've been loving my Sport for a while now and I have a pair of the stock Jato Anaconda tires and theyre great for on road situations. I just recently bought a pair of the scale BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A tires and theyre great. theyre the same tires my father has on his Toyota Tundra but mine are just scaled down. They provide good grip in grass and dirt and also get the job done on the road without wearing down in two hours like other knobby tires can do.

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