Hey guys; looking to unload my ERBE.

I've got it listed all over the place, so some of you may have seen it... Don't be shy about making an offer okay... I'd rather sell it on a forum than on Ebay; but the Ebay listing does have a Buy it now Price.

I know that there are lot of rules here on the Traxxas MP; So I've been sure to re-read them and that's why it is posted here a few days after the other sites...

This RC is a "complete Roller" not RTR, not a Pre-Roller.

You will need an ESC, Motor, batteries and a RX/TX (Unless my Ebay Buy it Now price is met. then I'll include a Traxxas TQ 2.4)

Ebay Link: BIN price is $550.

It comes with:
1 set (4) Proline Badland 3.8"s
2 sets (8) MT tires from hobbypartz.com (1 set bashers, 1 set for the track)
1 set (4) Stock talons (That were taped before they were glued up.)

2 2075 servos

MIP steel center shafts

RPM bumper
RPM A-arms and knuckles in front
RPM True-Track rear

Hard anodized 3 part alloy skit plates

Traxxas CVD's
Traxxas Center Diff (not installed.)

Push-Rod chassis brace installed on the rear end.

A Bin full of spare parts.

**Reminder: I'm keeping the RX8/T8**

**PS. The T8 is a 2250... Run only on 4s.... this truck isn't "beat on" it's just used.

Fresh bearings this spring, and it's seen very little dust since then.