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    what dows 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s mean?

    what dows 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s mean? Only aplies to lipo? Number of cells in a battery giving morE voltage? Total number of cells?. Combined on multiple batteries. I am trying to understand lipo. It seems more complicated than nitro? Charge a vertain way, low voltage warning? Also when lipo bateries get drained is it a linear drain or simply they just die?

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    Traxxas Battery Basics
    Quote Originally Posted by Traxxas Battery Basics
    2S, 3S
    LiPo batteries contain 2 or 3 cells connected in series (S). So, a pack with 2 cells is a “2S” battery, and a pack with 3 cells is a “3S” battery. A 2S battery has 7.4 volts, and a 3S battery has 11.1 volts. If your vehicle or speed control is rated for “6S” and has two battery plugs (such as the E-Revo Brushless Edition), you can plug two 3S packs into it for a total of 6S. Two 2S packs would be “4S.”
    “Series” connection means the cells are connected inside the pack so the first cell’s positive tab is connected to the second cell’s negative tab. This combines their voltages; the two 3.7 volt cells deliver 7.4 volts combined. The other way to connect the cells is in parallel (P), which means the cell’s are tabs are connected “positive to positive” and "negative to negative.” This combines their capacities. If you look at the specifications of your Power Cell LiPo, you may see that your 2S pack is actually 2S2P, meaning it has two pairs of cells, each connected in parallel (2P), and the two pairs of cells are then connected in series (2S).
    Extrapolate for 4S through 6S.
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