So about 2 weeks ago I was looking at the e revo online and let me just say it looks awesome!! Especially with the mamba monster system! So I started to research a little bit more about the car and now i'm kinda iffy about getting the car. A lot of people have been having problems with the differentials, driveshafts, spur gears, the motor mount, and the transmission... and that is a lot of stuff to be breaking when the car already cost $850. The revo differentials seem to be the biggest problem with this truck. But there is not really any easy fix for the differentials. People are putting losi differentials into the revo but they are shaving down parts and that just seems like a lot of work just for a differential plus doesn't the differential case get weaker when you are shaving it down?As far as the driveshafts go.. people have been breaking the stock driveshafts within 10 min! that is just crazy!!Also the transmission should not have plastic gears!!!! wouldn't that mamba monster tear those gears up within one run? is there any aftermarket metal gears for the tranny? Now don't get me wrong the E revo looks sick and I would love to have it but if there is no fix to all of these problems I will just buy a slash. Tell me what you think guys. anything will help.

Thanks, zak