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    Question Hey everyone its me again im having engine troubles out the butt t

    hey here is the deal i took my motor out of the truck to rebuild it and clean it and all that good stuff. After i have it all back together the truck will not run at all. the only time it will stay running is if i could it off the ground and hold the starter on and rev it real high but then still dies. I then changed the car on it because i didnt think it was getting fuel. So now i have the same problem. I have all the carb set to factory now and it makes no diff. The only time it looks like fuel is flowing is when i hold the pipe shut to prime it and when it starts its just blowing full out the air box. The only difference is that i bought the exhaust that is the spring one because i broke 6 of the other type. Could this be a problem? i even changed out fuel tank and all the tubing. Any ideas at all? im thinking its a leak in the exhaust but that still shouldn't kill the motor bc i drove with broken exhaust by mistake. Let me know im going to try and post a youtube video at some point. Oh and the motor has all new rings in it so everything if new. plz help!

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    Lol, it sounds like you put the piston in backwards. I did the exact same thing, don't feel bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfslash16 View Post
    Lol, it sounds like you put the piston in backwards. I did the exact same thing, don't feel bad.
    OR the oil hole on the conrod is not facing the same direction as the cutout of the piston... It will cause a good amount of tuning fun as well...

    Guess you need to pull that motor and check it out... Oh, and you are not the only one this has happened to..

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