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    DTS-1 frustrations

    I picked up a DTS-1 and followed the instruction on the wed as well as on here. 1st time I went thru it, the system updated, then linked but only the finish line would show up on my ipod. Followed the instructions on Traxxas website at least 6 or 7 times. Out of those times it completely linked up and worked once.

    I have been in the RC hobby for several years, have had at least 20+ different vehicles in the past 2 years, and run the local onroad racing track here in town....I have a fair amount of experience with RC stuff. For work I am a technical trainer and factory support person for the largest HVAC manufacturer....I just say this to try to explain I feel I am mechanically inclined and I am used to working with and helping people with equipment, electronics and programming and configuration on a daily basis. So I feel I am pretty overall competent to read and follow instructions.

    So I started to just wing it and follow some instruction from here as well as other sites with success in about 1 in a dozen tries.

    Quite often only the start or the finish would show green and show up properly on the diagnostic screen but not both.......I also quite often got a message on my ipod saying "accessory not supported"

    I called Traxxas support and the technician walked me thru the binding and linking process twice and neither time did it work at all, on the third attempt only the start line linked up..... so he asked me to send it in.

    I just got an email back saying the DTS-1 was tested and functioned properly, with no issues repairs necessary and the unit will be returned.

    I was checking to see if anyone else has seen this error message on their ipod? and if they found a resolution.

    This post may be a little premature, but if this doesn't work when I get it back.....I am going to use the bleeping thing target practice

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    This link is a little helpful if you haven't found it already.

    Also, when you get the unit back turn on the start and finish unit and get them completely set up without the TQI. Then turn on the TQI with the link. At the Traxxas Link home screen, touch the Garage icon. Touch the Connect icon to access the Connect screen. Touch Set TQi Transmitter to Link mode. The key will turn blue, indicating the TQi is in Link mode. Press and hold the set button until you hear two beeps. Everything should now be linked. You don't have to also link to the finish unit.

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