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    Summit drive shafts to the Mini Rvo driveshafts

    Do I have to change anything other than the drive shafts? My friend keeps breaking them after every week of running.
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    No nothing, you can even just swap them as they break, don't have to do all at once.

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    I replaced all of mine on 2 summits. Mostly because I had the time and bought the erevo set from Dollar Hobbies which has all 4 axles in the pack (great prices also). The only issue I had was stripping out the grub screws that attach the axles to the diff shafts. I discovered that not all hex drivers and hex screw are the same. So now I have 4 different sets of hex drivers and I test each driver to the screws to make sure I have a good fit. The grub screws are pretty cheap I found that I needed 3 different Hex drivers to remove 4 screws. We have not had any broken issues since I replaced the Summit shafts with the mini erevo shafts.
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