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    I'm new to nitro and I don't even know the basics for tuning my jato. It can't tell if its rich, or lean. I always assume its rich.. But I'm wrong I know it. When I first got the car it ran awesome and started with out an issue. Now it's temperamental. And I have a pull start on it now and i just give up on wanting to toy around with it after I've gotten tennis elbow. Can anyone help me get in the right direction?

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    When driving it is there alot of blue smoke or no smoke at all

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    Youtube nitro tuning...there is a great series on tuning, its like 12 episodes. Watch the traxxas DVD tuning chapter over and over. I found the traxxas carb quite temperamental, losi 3.4 carb is a good alternative that seems to hold a tune and not be rich then lean and vice versa.

    If you don't know the basics you obviously haven't done so. Spend the time learning that and you should be just fine.

    But also watch the DVD that came with your Jato. Both are good, smoke trail, throttle response, and temp.
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    I few years ago I wrote up a tuning helper to go along with your manual... It was made a sticky a while ago and I think it's been pretty helpful for those just starting out....
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