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    fitting a RPM rear bumper to a 2wd nitro slash

    Has anyone tried fitting the RPM bumper to a Nitro Slash. I bought the RPM bumper and mount, only to find out that it only fits the electric Slash. RPM failed to state this on their web site and parts details. Now I sit with parts I can't fit, although I really want to. The slash chassis plate takes a real hiding underneath at the back where the screws secure the battery box. My son has only has about 10 hours run time on his and the chassis plate is already showing some serious wear. Need to get a wheelie bar on there quickly. I know there is a Traxxas option, but the low profile RPM setup just looks so much better. The guys at RPM replied to an email I sent to them stating that they will update the product details to clearly state that it does not fit on a nitro slash and see what they can do on finding a solution.

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    IMO it's not their fault, a Slash is a Slash and a Nitro Slash is a Nitro Slash... Same for the Stampede and Nitro Stampede...
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