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    Mamba Monster questions New to me

    Just got my E-Revo brushless in and I've read through the manuals and have some questions:

    1. I read that setting1 auto detects Lipo's. Does that mean that it will beep at me 4 times (2 2S packs) or just two for one 2s pack?

    2. Is LVD also auto-on? How does it warn me when I reach the 3.2 volts per cell?

    3. Do I change anything on it if I want to run Nimh batteries?


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    1. One beep for every cell connected in series. How would you connect a single 2S pack, using a jumper?

    2. Auto Li-Po ON (the default setting) is the LVC setting. You should realize your truck is running slow and no fun before you hit the (too low) LVC of 3.2V/cell.

    3. Disable the LVC.

    1., 2., & 3. - Get a Castle Link or Field Link adapter. They make the CC ESC's much better.
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    I also would move the LVC up to 3.4v per cell.
    LVC cuts the power to the truck you can't miss it.

    Refer to this to setup the Mamba Monster ( MMM ) esc for maximum performance:
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