I've read a lot of info about minimum discharge voltages for NiMH packs. I typically see values in the range of 0.8-1.0 volts per cell.

However, I am pretty sure those voltages are for chargers that have a discharge capacity. I have a home-made dicharging setup that I use to discharge my batteries. Thus, when I measure the voltage, I use my voltmeter. Now, as we all know, you get SIGNIFICANTLY higher voltages from a battery when you measure the voltage under no load (e.g. like using a voltmeter).

For instance, when a NiMH comes straight off the peak charger, it will measure more than 10 volts. Obviously that is way higher than the rated voltage of 8.4V.

Thus, I am worried that if I let cells drop to 0.8-1.0 V (measured with a voltmeter) that I could be (fairly significantly) over-discharging the cells. Does anyone know a "no-load" voltage that it is safe to discharge the cells to?

I've estimated a pack voltage of 8V (measured with the voltmeter) as "equivalent" to a 0.9V per cell (6.3V for the pack) measured under load.

Any thoughts/info on this would be much appreciated.