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    1/10 or 1/16 rally?

    Looking to get a rally car to convert to run only on road but not sure if i should get a 1/10 or a 1/16. Sticking with traxxas since i use to have a slash 4x4 but sold it to buy a mamba e-maxx and my brother has a e-revo and a rustler. so we share batteries and such.

    would anyone have a suggestion either way? any pros and cons of each size?

    any opinions or comments would be helpful, and thanks for your time.

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    I say get a 1/10. 1/16s looks too small to me. However if you have limited space to run....

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    The 1/10 Rally is a Slash 4x4 with Rally wheels, Rally body, and Rally bumpers. you can share batteries with your brother.

    1/16 Rally is a Mini-Erevo with rally body and wheels. this uses smaller packs so you'd have to buy batteries only for this car.

    this is my 1/10 Rally with X0-1 wheels for street/road course use,

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