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    technically still a Summit.

    A little over a yr n a half ago I purchased a Summit VXL, for my son on his birthday. As I'm sure all 8hr olds like you tube, he saw someone light a match with their drift car, whoa cool he says. Then "dad, I want one of those." I shopped around and then thought about how little he plays with his Summit. Hmm $300 plus for a new car, "not yet son". "This is what we could do the. How about a conversion", as I showed him a ralley. So we picked up some drift wheels n tires. Zip tied his suspension down n installed n RS PRO to control the power band. Summit body looked a little funny so we stuck a raptor body on it, he was cool with that, not dad. So I painted him up a suprise, sure hope he likes it. So for all intensive purposes this is still a Summit, right?
    Special thanks to diggerpede for his inspirational n thourough thread.
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    its still got the long arms so .... i think its still a summit and sweeet job on the body!
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    Awesome! You just inspired me!

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    Looks great, nice paint job
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