I'm new to the new age R/C world as its been several years since I've been out of the hobby.
My last truck was a Team Losi Triple X T from ten years ago.

I recently bought a used E-Revo from a garage sale and the guy didn't seem to know much about the truck or what was done to it. I think I got a pretty good deal at $200. I do know this...
-It has a Losi Xcelorin brushless motor which is huge
-the e-revo was converted from a twin motor Titan
-I'm running a Mamba Monster Pro ESC
-On the chassis it has a sticker A1152501 (not sure if that means anything)

What I'm unsure of is what scale the car is and what motor can I upgrade to?
(I'm thinking of Castle Creations 1/8th 2200kv)

I bought 2 3S lipo batteries to run but found out that my motor is not able to run them
(I hooked them up and the motor did nothing, I even tried to program the ESC and nothing)

From what I've read I think I can use my Mamba max pro ESC with the Castle Creations motor,
but would it be wise just to get a new combo with the Mamba Monster ESC and motor?

I included some pictures to see if anyone knows what scale and what model number it is.

Dimensions: 19.5 Inches long (49.53cm) from Bumper to bumper (not including spoiler)
7.5 Inches wide (19.05cm) Battery tray to battery tray
15 Inches wide (38.1cm) from tire mount to tire mount.

Thanks! Any input is appreciated!