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    Exclamation Forward Backward issues

    So when i turn my car on, i can pick one direction i want to go... forward or backward, but after i pick that direction, i cant go in the other direction, (I can still turn left and right, they work fine) The only way of fixing this issue, is resetting the ESC and then I can pick a new direction, but i would like to be able to go back and forth without resetting my esc every time. any ideas what this could be?

    OH one side note, I can still break in reverse when im going at high speeds to slow down.

    P.S. I have a Turn agy esc and motor, and a traxxas 2.4 ghz. remote btw. I have tried messing with the esc settings as well as the remote. but to no avail. any ideas? thanks guys!

    if all else fails, I think I will just get a new remote, hope that fixes it.

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    well if it was traxxas esc and motor we could probably help ya but I no nothing about that brand call there customer service and ask them....
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    Check the neutral points, and your reverse delay.
    I once saw a fella not realize he had to go from brake to neutral before he could find reverse, other then that you may have a bad esc.
    But I'm not aware of how that esc works at all.
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