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    Cool 2.5R upgrade to full 3.3

    I have a 2.5r with a 3.3 block and Traxxas alloy arms... I used it for bashing but have started racing with a few friends but loose out on the twisty bits. I've slammed in and stiffened it a bit to prevent body roll but was wondering if a 3.3 cassis would improve the truck though the bends?

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    The longer chassis will help and with the 3.3 chassis you can add the center diff. and that will help a lot. The sway bars are also a good idea too.
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    I've had both. The 3.3 chassis does worse in the corners but better on everything else. The 2.5 turns sharper and is quicker in the turns. You can make up for the steering loss by doing the slayden steering mod. So I would go for the 3.3 chassis. Also you could run offset rims. Traxxas fixed the loss of steering with their 1/2 in offset wheels.

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