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    What grease to use on the outside of the Front Differential on Rally VXL

    Hey all!

    I'm trying to figure out what grease I should use for the Rally VXL for the outside of the Front Differential where it meets the drive shaft. Traxxas support just said to use a light grease but couldn't give me an example or brand. My local hobby shop recommended Grim Racer Speed Grease but its for boats. Online people seem to use various stuff but a few seem to recommend the Mobil 1 synthetic grease but not sure if this is good for RC applications. So not real sure what I should use yet. Any recommendations?



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    Welcome to the forums! You can just use just about any grease you want. IMO, I would use a lithium based grease, preferably a marine grease. Hope this helps!
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    Due to where I run, I chose not to use any grease.
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    I sold my 1/16ths with hundreds of runs on the stock ring and pinion with virtually no wear.

    But, I think I should mention that since the differentials will leak they are getting some lubrication even if you don't grease them directly.
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