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    How to set steering center on ultimate 4x4 lcg

    I can't find any instructions on how to set the steering servo at center with the LCG chassis. Do I have to disassemble the front end or can I do it without taking everything apart? I can't find a good video anywhere on how to do this.

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    Here is a quick guide:

    - Turn off the truck
    - Remove the servo horn
    - Turn on the truck and zero the trim
    - With the wheels straight as possible, put the horn on the servo and push it in a little (so the splines are engaged a bit)
    - Turn off the Truck and mash the horn on all of the way
    - Turn on the truck and check that your steering is close to centered with zero trim (may not be perfect, but that is ok).
    - Turn off the truck, put in and tighten down the servo screw
    - Turn on the truck, fine tune center with the trim, then check your end-points.

    This is the way to do it on just about any RC, the 2x4 Slash (this forum), or the 4x4 Slash.
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