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    New To The E Revo

    I just purchased an E Revo today. Bought the brushed version for the time being. However when I run it outside it is VERY slow. It doesnt do the full 30-35 mph like it is advertised. However, I am using the stock spur gear and not the added one they include. I was reading the sheet that was giving the prefered use of the optional gear and it said the faster gear is not made for off road. Which spur gear would be good for off road but also produce a good amount of speed?

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    try the optional spur gear out. Check your temps after running it for a while. You will probably lose a little torque but gain some top speed. May go through the batteries a touch faster too. I don't know what "very" slow means. Check your slipper clutch setting. Tighten all the way, then back off half a turn.

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    did you break in the motor? i have both the brushed erevo and the brushless and the brushed does no where near 30-35 and i have mine geared for speed and running on lipos

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