Hi, I recently got a stampede and after burning out my Titan TWICE I decided to go brushless. This thread is not just about lipos, but it is the next best forum to post it in. I'm getting the Velineon 3500kv system. I'm wondering a few things:

1. With the stock Titan and stock gearing, the speed was perfect. Almost a little too fast, actually, so what kind of speed would I see with the Velineon with NiMh's? With Lipos?

2. Can I/should I use the Velineon with NiMh's? I would prefer to, but I've heard mixed stories on whether it is fine to use them or not, and it gets confusing.

3. If I do decide to go with lipos, what equipment should I get to safely charge them?

4. Again about lipos, I'm honestly a little scared that Im going to cause a fire or damage them or something. I usually run my battery temp up pretty high, to the point where you can't touch it for more than a few seconds, and I don't knwo whether lipos are right for me considering the abuse I put my vehicle through.

5. What gearing should I use, with NiMh's and the Velineon system? With lipos?