After killing 4 12T motors over the past few weeks I was wondering if I should do the water break in method.

My LHS told me he does not like it because the water break in is more for racers. He said that if not done correctly the motor will rust out and be destroyed. He suggested taking the motor and with fans blow the motor and ESC and run it on a medium speed for 5 minutes forward and 5 minutes back and thats it.

He also said he does not like to spray motor spray in the holes in the motors because the oil spray gets on the electric contacts and can cause arching.

My feeling is that being that I killed a few motors maybe it is time to do the water break in. If I do that. Let me get the prcedure right.

I read the following

Hook up motor to ESC. Turn steering trim all the way up so the motor is spinning. Pop it in water and run until the battery is depleted.

Do I do this in reverse too?

Also when complete- Dry motor with compressed air. Spray down with Oil spray. And good to go.