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    Post wet-run maintenance

    Living in South Florida has its benefits, but I seem to have more opportunity to run wet than dry lately.

    I'm curious to your must-do's, should-do's and opinions for post-wet-running.

    Are there any different techniques or steps required for street running (puddles and the like) versus muddy conditions (baseball diamond, grass, or mud)?

    What signs show up with improper (or not thorough enough) cleaning?

    Any and all tips, tricks, or wive's-tales are welcome.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    First thing you will need is an Outerwears shroud. It will keep 99% of the dust dirt water and grime out of the chassis. Second a few small paint brushes to sweep the heavy dirt off. A good can of bearing oil to re-lube the bearing's when done cleaning. The stock screws will rust very quickly if not taken care of. Now I've heard many people say spray them with WD40 or oil. I prefer the oil. Just use a small brush and cover the screw's before you run in the bad stuff and after you run. Now to clean the main chassis If you have the stock system you "can" gently spray it with a hose. Then dry it off with an air compressor. I did buy a spray on product that you use before going out to play. Trakpower make's it, but cannot remember the name. It work's great, just brush dirt off and wipe it down a damp cloth.

    The best way to make everything last and not rust is to just do a complete tear down when done running in the wet.
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