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    Original slayer questions

    Ok I bought the original slayer the day it came out. About 5 or so years ago, i cant remember the release date off hand. It has sat most of its life. About a month ago I cleaned up the truck and put fresh fuel in it along with new fuel lines, new glow plug etc. it fired up no problems but couldn't for the life of me get a tune on it. Out of frustration I shelved it and was gonna revisit it at a later time. Well the other day my girl asks me what's leaking outta the truck as there is a puddle on the display shelf. I look the truck over and it seems the front bearing (the one behind the clutch assembly) is leaking. It it possible for these to go bad from sitting? The truck has maybe 10 tanks past break in. It has sat for 4 or five years. Would it be easier to just replace that bearing or get a new block with bearings installed already and swap over my parts, also I heard that the losi carb LOSR2123 works well with the 3.3 and I have found one new and cheap. I really like the 3.3 and it has hardly any use on it. So if I do replace the bearings what size and is there an upgrade? And what are the pros and cons of the Losi carb swap? After this engine blows an OS 21 is going in but for now I don't have 3 bills to drop on an engine. Please any help would be appreciated.

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    I would agree, it sounds like you have an air leak in the front bearing. If this happened to one of my engines, I would buy a block with bearings in it from a chop shop on eBay. There are several tutorials on engine rebuilding in these forums and on youtube, i did not find it very difficult.

    Hope this helps!

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    The front bearing will leak some that's normal. If you put in too much WD or after run oil it will leak out of the front bearing no matter what. Mine did it a few times until I cut back on how much ARO and WD I used but it always ran fine.

    I would be looking more into O rings and exhaust leaks. The O rings can degrade and split over time. Pressure test your fuel tank. If you have a bad o ring in the lid it will cause tuning problems. Plug the short fuel line that goes to your exhaust with a bolt or screw. Manually blow air into the tank using the long carb fuel line and submerge the tank in water. If there is any leaks you'll see bubbles. You can do the same with the engine just don't submerge it. Use a soapy liquid. Hook up a fuel line to the carb and plug the carb inlet with your thumb and exhaust port with a finger while blowing into the fuel line and look for bubbles. Remember the front bearing will leak some if it's excessive then it needs to be fixed.

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