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    Fried Speed Controller

    I already know the answer but want someone else to confirm my stupidity.

    I have an E-Revo brushed. I mistakenly hooked up my twin NiMH's in series and not parallel. Yes it is fried......but wow was it fast for that 30 seconds!

    I replaced the motor but not the speed controller. Now it only has reverse and no forward. I assume the speed controller is also shot so I guess I have to replace that also.

    Does this also mean the receiver is shot? Do you think Traxxas will take these units back on their "Trade-In" program so I can just move to the brushless system?

    The two little pigtail connectors look very similar (series and parallel), Make sure you check and don't do what I did.

    Thanks for any response.


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    Someone PLEASE, PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong but you are supposed to connect the batteries in series are you not? This doubles the voltage. 8.4v + 8.4v for the 16.8v total on Nimh. Connecting in parallel doubles the runtime and keeps voltage at 8.4v. Someone please jump in here because I don't think you did anything wrong. Or I have the terminology mixed up.

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    This seems to be referring to a 1/16 brushed E-Revo, no?

    If so:
    XL-2.5 ESC Specifications
    Input Voltage: 4-8 Cells
    (4.8V - 9.6V DC)
    2S LiPo
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