OK so today a bought a Used Nitro slash 3.3 truck. Somebody had bought it and never even ran a tank of gas through it. not a single dirt mark on it. only thing he did was add the IPOD dock deal to it. then needed money so he returned it. I bought it and did the first break in tank. I went to do the second tank and turned the remote on. well he had the remote on 70/30 but when its on 70/30 the throttle is wide open if you don't touch the throttle switch on the controller. so I switched it to 50/50 but now everything is reversed. on the controller if you pull the throttle switch backwards toward you it apply's the brakes and when you push the throttle switch forward away from you it opens the throttle on the car. So I read all the info on how to reverse the steering and throttle. but when I go to hold the SET button on top of the controller for 2 second the light just flash's green and red really fast and wont just flash green. I can not get the controller to flash just green when I hold the SET button for 2 seconds. it will only flash green and red fast. has anybody ever ran into this problem. I'm about to just go buy a simple remote and put it in. thanks for any help.