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    Using two lipos together?

    Hey guys, I got a boss 302 brushless the other week, what a cool little car! I got it second hand and I have two identical traxxas 7.4 volt lipos with it and a parellel connector. The guy I bought it off said he was told not to use the two lipos together, but I am like,. what??? Cant u use them together, isnt that the point, as long as they are the same volts and specs? Or do they have to be identically matched together or something? Will I experience more speed with the two lpos than one or just longer run time?

    ALSO, I really want it to go faster, do you recommend a 11.1 volt lipo, that would make it fly yeh? It has a fan on the esc. Just wanting to get the most out of this little beast, thanks

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    Yes, you can.
    Providing that the packs are the same voltage when connected, same age, same company, and the same specs. Some of these rules can be bent, but to keep it simple (and safe) just follow them to the letter.

    Twin LiPo's in parallel will double the run time and as an added bonus also double the available amps making the run easier on the packs and provide more punch.

    Twin LiPo's in series double voltage and cannot be ran safely with the RC in stock form... I also don't recommend it on this platform due to the small size of the packs.

    SPC and Traxxas are the only two manufacturers I recommend... not that others are "bad" it is that those are the two I trust to rate their packs honestly.

    SPC does have some stock issues, but for good reasons. 1) They are picky about what their packs are made of. 2) They are in high demand due to the quality and price point.
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