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    trx 3.3 carb help

    I was replacing the clutch shoes on my 3.3 and when I finished I decided to tighten the screws on my engine and when I did one of the plugs on the carburetor came off when I slightly tightened it and it looks like the threads were shredded but I barely even tightened it so I could use some help please

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    They strip out super easy. I dont know how they get it right at the factory! Im gonna try a little rtv to seal/hold my striped plug.
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    I've done that twice now, BTW I tried the Black RTV Form-A-Gasket, The Ultra Copper, J-B Weld and nothing would work to keep it from leaking so hopefully you will have better luck.
    I think the Nitro methane or the Methanol does not play well with the Gasket/RTV stuff.
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