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Thread: A few things.

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    A few things.

    Has anyone else noticed that the titan on the telluride does not have a flux ring? i dont have a standard one, but i am wondering will the standard one fit? i just figured on this particular vehicle a 10t pinion and the
    flux ring to slow the motor down would make this thing a little more "trail" worthy. Any thoughts? I was just wondering what i can get done with the standard brushed motor without putting some of my brushless stuff on it. Right now i have mine geared 14/83 running on a 2s lipo and as long as i can give it some good
    throttle and get airflow it doesnt run to hot, but i was experimenting putting around in the back yard and things heated up pretty good.

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    I noticed the same thing, even in the stock photos it is missing. With no note of any where, manual/exploded view.

    A standard one will fit the the stock 12t pinion, not sure that you can fit anything lower.

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    It is my understanding that the Titan 12T no longer comes with a flux ring.
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